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What is Croatia known for...

These are the most famous facts about Croatia.


From old town republics that are today used for famous film and mega-series sets to scientific and public inventions.

- Mechanical pencil - Croatian inventor and chemical engineer Eduard Slavoljub Penkala has 24th of January 1906. patented the worlds first mechanical pencil, and also the first fountain pencil with solid ink on the 31st of May 1907.

- Croatia still uses its local currency ˝Kuna(HRK)˝ - the name comes from a type of ferret whose pelt was used as currency for paying taxes back in the middle ages.

- The necktie is also invented in Croatia and was adopted by the rest of Europe at the beginning of the 17th century when Croatia's mercenaries led by the ˝Ban˝ came to assist the French king Louis XVIII.


From famous vineyards, restaurants and taverns to nightclubs built into a cave Croatia has it all.

- Croatia's gastro scene is at the very top, proof is that 5 restaurants have been awarded a star by the globally renowned restaurant guide Michelin. 4 of which are located on the coastline.

- Croatia's nightlife, especially on the coast, is well known and 2 islands stand out Hvar and Pag. Both of them have been listed into the top 10 party island destinations in the world by Zizoo magazine.

- Because of the perfect balance of Mediterranean climate and a lot of hours of sun during the year Croatia homes some of the best names in the wine world. The most famous one is ˝Plavac Mali˝ a grape variety descended from parents Zinfandel and Dobričić.


Croatia's coastline where the islands follow the coast is one of a kind. And because of that, you can island-hop without sailing for days until you reach the next destination.

- Croatia has 19 national and nature parks, 12 of which are on the coastline. Some of them are island groups like the national parks ˝Mljet˝, ˝Kornati˝, ˝Brijuni˝ and nature parks ˝Lastovo˝ and ˝Telašćica˝.
- Croatia's archipelago consists of around 1246 islands, islets and reefs. But only 67 are inhabited. And every island is a story of its own. There are many legends and myths about those islands that make it even more appealing to explore as many of them as possible.