You sailed out. What Now?!

While Sailing Relax while the power of wind takes you to your new destination

You left port and are heading in the direction of your next destination which you arranged with your skipper beforehand. After you mixed your drink of choice it's time to find your spot on the deck and let the enjoyment commence.

  • If the wind is suitable for sailing, your skipper will open the sails and introduce you to a unique feeling of serenity and adrenaline. On newer sailing yachts the sail lifting system is modernised and modified for easier handling so you skipper in the majority of time will do everything by himself but you are always welcome to give him a hand.
  • Always be cautious when walking on board while the sails are open because the vessel can change the angle of tipping at any point and if you are not careful you could end up in the Sea or worse. It usually takes the first 2 days for you to get used to the equipment on board and how to walk around all the ropes, winches, rope stoppers and other traps for your toes.
  • You will have a briefing about everything but always ask and listen to commands of the skipper because of your safety especially when the vessel changes the direction of the wind and the tipping transfers from one side to the other. When that happens stay at one spot and when the vessel has stability again you are free to go and grab another drink.
  • Keep in mind that at any point of your voyage a bigger yacht or ship can pass and create waves that rock the yacht a bit so always keep your belongings safely put away in your cabins or lockers. It is a custom to lower your speed while passing by another vessel because you make smaller waves while doing so. But every summer you will encounter a couple of boat owners who by showing off their yachts horsepower endanger everyone at Sea with their lack of intellect and manners. They don't lower the speed and pass by really close to other vessels with no remorse. The custom is to raise your middle finger and point it towards them while your yacht rocks a bit, after that you can continue to enjoy your stay :).
Day 1 of your sailing holiday!
Next stop is where the sun kisses the Sea


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Saturday, 25 September 2021
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