Next stop is where the sun kisses the Sea

SailingOut Heading to where the sun kisses the Sea

After your vessel has been stocked up, the paperwork regarding the permits and clearances has been all done your vacation at Sea can start and you can sail out into a week of a lifetime.

  • Because of the increase of traffic in the marina during the weekends, you should be extra cautious so everything can go well but keep in mind that other yachts are filled with people just like you. After you leave port your week can start properly and relaxation can commence.
  • Your skipper/captain is the person in charge and accountable for your and the safety of the yacht so you will have a briefing about how things work and what to and what not to do. They are more than capable of sailing in and out of ports by themselves but it is better to give them a hand if they ask for it of course. It is fun and exciting to learn how all of that works so don't be shy and ask away.
  • Before departing from the port be sure to check and fill up the water tanks if necessary to make sure you have enough water for the moment. The water on board goes off quickly if you use it carelessly. So we have a few suggestions for you(speaking from experience): Wash the dishes in the Sea and then rinse them with fresh water, the same goes for washing yourself wash your hair and body in Sea and just rinse yourself with fresh water. Don't go Robinson Crusoe but keep in mind that it isn't like at home where you don't have to watch every drop.
  • When it comes to electricity that is a whole new story. Depending on the yacht type, model and equipment, but one thing is in common yacht's use batteries and the electrical supply is limited as well unless the vessel has an electrical generator. You have 220V when you are connected to the shore by a cable that you need to connect every time you dock and disconnect before leaving a port. That means that you can use phone chargers, hairdryers and other appliances like at home when you are connected to the shore(or if you have the generator) when you are sailing you only have 12V which means u can use a car charger onboard to charge phones. That is the most common problem while on a sailing holiday. But rest assured you'll get used to it.
  • When leaving a port one of you will head to the bow(the nose of the vessel) where you will see a rope tied to the bow kleet. You will need to untie it and hold it in your hand, on the skippers command you will throw the rope offboard into the sea and tell the skipper when it drops or when you cannot see it anymore. One or two of the crew should do the same with the stern(back of the vessel) ropes. The rest of you should hold the fenders(small bouy-like cushions tied with ropes) between your and other yachts so they don't scratch. It is not hard but you need to experience it to understand. While you do all of that your skipper will safely sail out from the port. The people on the fenders will after you are safely out of port, bring them onboard and tie them down while you open a bottle of excellent Croatian wine so you can cheer to a safe passage and the beginning of a vacation at Sea you won't forget.
You sailed out. What Now?!
Don't forget to hit the shops before departure


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Saturday, 25 September 2021
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