The Day of Embarkment

Embarkment Day The Day of Embarkment

 After you have landed on Croatian soil(for those of you that are flying) it's time to hit the road and head over to the Marina where your yacht is docked.

  • The easiest and quickest way is by hiring a local taxi because the driver knows the roads and how to evade traffic jams that happen on the weekend because of the change of guests on the yachts.
  • On your way to the Marina, you will experience the domestic language of the drivers. You will hear totally un-understandable hollers and gestures but do not worry it's their way of saying welcome and have a great stay. It is customary to raise your right hand or the middle finger 😉.
  • Upon arriving at the charter office you will be greeted by the cheerful office staff, who were last seen smiling before the job interview. Don't take it personally, they are doing their best so you can have the best time possible on your vacation at Sea.
  • After all the necessary paperwork, your yacht and you fall into the hands of the skipper aka the Captain. Skippers are local Sailors who know the area and everything about the safe voyage, weather conditions and life at Sea.
  • Let your skipper help you with taking your belongings onboard because believe us we have seen it all. It is important to listen to your skipper and follow his instructions because for those 7 days he is accountable firstly for your lives and then for the yacht!
  • It's also important to know that the skippers are happy and cheerful sailors who are doing what they love in the most amazing environment and one of the best jobs there is. with that in mind, you will most definitely have a great time onboard. But they are also professional in keeping you safe so it is not recommended you get them drunk as soon as they sail out.
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Saturday, 25 September 2021
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