Kitchen on board

Kitchen On Board Kitchen on board your floating home.

Yachts that have amenities that accommodate overnight use have a fully functional kitchen. Some are small some are large it depends on the size of the yacht itself and how many people it can accommodate.

  • On newer yachts we offer, the kitchen is the same as the one you have at home from gas and electric stoves, fridges and some even have an additional fridge just for wine. Even though it's fully functional it still lacks space so it requires a little bit more care.
  • Since the kitchen is placed in the saloon unlike on larger yachts that have separate cabins for them. You should be careful while cooking because other people will be passing you to get to their cabins plus the amazing smell coming from the pots will be calling everyone on board.
  • Since we are talking about kitchens on yachts especially on sailing yachts, which are on the water the kitchen is designed to be flexible so the stove is sliding in accordance with the angle that the ship is hanging in. It has a safety break so when the sea is calm you can keep it still. Also, you have a safety bar that keeps the pots on the stove, they will slide but won't spill over.
  • The perk of cooking on board is that you eat in the middle of the Sea and surrounded by natural beauties. Dinners are especially amazing because you eat under the stars, believe us it's worth it!
Entering the port
Day 1 of your sailing holiday!


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Saturday, 25 September 2021
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