Don't forget to hit the shops before departure

Groceries Stock Up

After you have brought all your belongings on board and arranged them in the cabins, it's time to hit the shops and stock up before departure.

  • In the Marinas and near them are supermarkets and shop equipped with everything you will need for the upcoming week at Sea.
  • Remember that you are staying on a yacht and the fridge is unlike the ones you have at home, it's a bit smaller so don't stack up on groceries with a short lifespan. Rather stack up on pasta and things that you can make quickly, you don't want to spend your vacation locked in the kitchen 😉.
  • Even though you are surrounded by huge amounts of water you shouldn't lack any onboard. The yachts have tanks of water and not small ones too, but still, because it stays in those big plastic tanks it picks up a certain smell that isn't that appealing. It's safe to drink but we recommend you buy packs of bottled water.
  • The second most important liquid is wine, down there you have variety and quality which Croatia is famous for. Wine in moderate quantities has healing properties, a glass is recommended every day while watching a sunset.
  • Let's come back to the groceries. We recommend you buy fruit and vegetables from local farmers, they're healthier and better tasting than imported ones. Croatia is well known for the quality of soil and water and a lot of sunshine in combination with the Mediterranean climate is just adding up to the quality of agricultural goods.
  • While shopping don't forget bin bags which will get full faster than you think. In the majority of the bays you visit included in the price of anchoring or mooring on a bouy, the local permit holder takes the trash from your yacht. Also in every town you visit you can take out your trash to designated locations not far from your vessel.
  • Croatian coast follows the land and all the islands are close together so at any time you can change course and be at a different location.
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Saturday, 25 September 2021
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