Getting to know your Yacht

Your Yacht Your Yacht

 The moment you come on board your floating home for the week, watch your step. A yacht is not a playground and although it is a lot of fun and you are there to relax and be carefree it can be dangerous at times.

  • On the Deck, you will see a lot of ropes, navigation and sailing equipment don't play with it until your skipper/captain tells you otherwise. But you can be free to look around and get familiar with your new home(for the week, unfortunately).
  • Let someone who is more familiar with yachts and life at Sea to get your belongings onboard and below deck because the steps to the saloon are small and steep. We want you to remember your stay but not for all the wrong reasons.
  • When you step foot below deck the first thing you come across is the saloon. You will realise the ceiling is a little bit low(lower than normal) so watch your head. It is that way in order to get the most out of the raw power of nature(wind) while sailing.
  • The Toilet/Shower onboard is in most cases equipped with a special toilet that uses a manual handle for pumping, some yachts have an electric one. Everything you need to know you will be informed/shown from your skipper or charter staff that you took the yacht from.
  • In the Saloon, you will see that there is a fully functional kitchen that has a countertop, refrigerator, stove, sink and depending on the yacht some extra appliances. Everything you need for the upcoming week at Sea.
  • In the cabins, there are also a little bit smaller beds(berths) than you are used to but they will be more than enough. All of that is made for better stability and sailing of the vessel. Also, it's better to sleep in a smaller bed, because you are closer to your partner.
  • Below the deck there a lot of shelves and cabinets where you can place your belongings. but the downside is that all of them have curved edges so keep that in mind when packing. The best thing is to pack in soft-edged bags and suitcases.
  • Always keep the saloon and your cabins tidy for easier passage and because when the yacht is navigating using the sails it tends to hang on the side which results in your belongings and things below deck flying all around the yacht.
  • Remember safety is key for your stay to be the one you will remember. Your skipper holds all the knowledge you will need so ask away.
Don't forget to hit the shops before departure
The Day of Embarkment

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