Day 1 of your sailing holiday!


Your first day begins when you sail out of port, which is 90% of the time in the afternoon of the day you take over the yacht.

  • It's important to find a safe haven in a nearby bay or port. In majority of Croatia's most attractive bay's have buoys for safer and better mooring. The same buoys have to be reserved in advance so you will have to arrange it with your skipper during the day and you need to arrive at that bay where the bouy is before nightfall to avoid mooring in the dark... believe us it's not fun plus no one is there to help you.
  • In the said bays you will find private family restaurants that provide you with the buoys free of charge if you eat at their restaurant. They serve delicious local dishes and have a wide variety of quality Croatian wine which won't disappoint you rather you won't forget the taste for a while.
  • The restaurants are supplied every day with fresh fish, fruit and vegetables all grown on Croatian soil. Some of them also bake their own bread which makes some of them very popular and you have to reserve them in advance.
  • If all the buoys are taken you will be throwing the anchor. While doing so listen to your skipper and by all means don't jump into the water while you are in the process of anchoring or while the motor is running. The best and usually the safest way to anchor is to throw it and secure the vessel by tieing the stern onto some rock or tree on land. While doing so you have a more stable vessel and a better position to go in and out of water.
  • During the afternoon and the evening, other yachts will come so stay away from the middle of the bay. Rather swim closer to land for your safety of course.
  • In the evening you will head to your restaurant via dinghy, a small rubber boat which your skipper will lower into the water and attach onto it an outboard engine. The boat isn't that stable so you need to climb into it with caution because you will either learn a new skill or experience a late-night swim in your fancy clothes. We exaggerated a little bit but don't worry you'll be fine.
  • Enjoy your meal and have a lovely evening... cheers! :)
Kitchen on board
You sailed out. What Now?!


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Saturday, 25 September 2021
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