Entering the port

Docking Docking also known as m
Also known as docking or mooring

  • After a few days of anchoring in beautiful bays, you want to visit one of the towns on the Croatian coast. Every single one of those towns has a rich history and a couple of landmarks worth seeing.
  • There are also amazing restaurants some of which hold a Michelin star. They offer a variety of meat and fish-based dishes inspired by local cuisine. Don't forget about famous Croatian wine each unique for the island you visit.
  • Besides the enjoyment, the docking part is also important for the yacht and the rest of your journey. Every port and marina designated to accommodate yachts and other vessels, you will have a water and electricity connection. It is advised to visit suchlike ports and marinas every 2-3 days to refill the yacht. The ports are in most cases situated in city centres so you will have shops and markets nearby for stocking up. Those markets and shops sell domestic goods rich and flavourful grown in Croatia.
  • In the ports you visit, at the price of docking you are granted a right to use the toilet and shower facilities which are always clean and it's better to do your thing in there than on board. Especially because you cannot use the toilets on board in the Marina because of pollution and the fine that follows. Don't forget to get rid of the trash on board when docked so you don't clutter the yacht you are on.
  • Now the part about entering and reserving port. The reservation is crucial for certain locations, because of popularity some ports need to be booked a few days in advance in peak season. But your captain already knows that. Entering port should be done during the afternoon because of traffic. Keep in mind that without an earlier reservation and entering a port during the nighttime there is a big chance you won't have a spot for you depending on the date you visit.
  • While visiting all those towns and ports you will come across a lot of things you will want to record so don't forget your cameras and enjoy your time down there!
Stone Soup
Kitchen on board


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