Winds in the Sapphire of the Mediterannean


The most important factor of your experience at Sea is the winds in the Adriatic because they will either make it harder or easier for you to navigate the Sapphire blue Sea. In the waters of the Adriatic Sea, there are 8 main Winds that every sailor should be aware of.

  • "Tramontana" - Is a cold and dry wind that blows from the NORTH of Mediterannean. It is accompanied by good weather and big waves.
  • "Bura" - Is an unpredictable and strong NORTH-EAST wind that blows in even stronger gusts of wind. It occurs from the higher pressure of air inland that climbs the mountains and escapes by falling from the mountain towards the Sea. It is the most dangerous wind because it creates a fog above sea level which in some cases people overboard sometimes breathe which sometimes has a fatal impact on the person. Sailing in this wind is very challenging and requires an experienced crew to handle the gusts of wind.
  • "Levant" - Is a cold and moist EAST wind not that strong and is accompanied by cloudy and rainy weather.
  • "Jugo" - Is a constant wind blowing from the Mediterannean towards the Adriatic and is accompanied by big waves and bad weather. Sometimes blows for days and can even come in hurricane-strength that sometimes has a devastating impact on the area it hits. It usually occurs in the colder part of the year but a few are seen during the summer. Sailing in this wind helps the vessel go even faster if you are going leeward because it creates a surfing effect. Also, the fish bites better during this time.
  • "Oštro" - Is a SOUTH warm and moist and not long-lasting, mild but can sometimes be a strong wind.
  • "Lebić" - Is a dry and warm SOUTH-WEST wind that occurs after "Jugo".
  • "Pulenat" - Is a WEST wind that occurs unexpectedly and does not last long but causes strong rain and wild and unpleasant Sea.
  • "Maestral" - Is a NORTH-WEST constant moist wind during the summer and best for sailing. It is a coastal wind that does not reach far inland and helps in the humid days of summer peak season.

But no worries you will experience all of this and hopefully fall in love with the Sea as we did. 

See you out there!
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Saturday, 25 September 2021
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